Why Should You Work With A Patient Billing Service As A Dentist?

Patient billing is an integral part of dental care, but so many dentists struggle to give billing quite as much time as the task deserves. Thankfully, third-party medical patient billing services are available to help healthcare providers who simply don’t have the staff hours to adequately handle billing responsibilities. Beyond the basic fact that these billing services can free up time within the office, other reasons exist for bringing in the aid of a patient billing service as a dentist.

Do Bail Bond Companies Have A Minimum Limit On Bonds?

A common question people ask when bail is set very low is whether bondsmen have a minimum for bonds. Generally, they don’t, but here are two reasons a company may decline to cover a defendant when their bail is set at only a few hundred dollars. State Law Can Lead to Minimum Bond Requirements States typically cap the fees a bail bond company can charge at a certain percentage of the bail amount (e.