Why Should You Work With A Patient Billing Service As A Dentist?

Patient billing is an integral part of dental care, but so many dentists struggle to give billing quite as much time as the task deserves. Thankfully, third-party medical patient billing services are available to help healthcare providers who simply don't have the staff hours to adequately handle billing responsibilities. Beyond the basic fact that these billing services can free up time within the office, other reasons exist for bringing in the aid of a patient billing service as a dentist. Here is a look at some of the most important reasons to consider patient billing services for your dental practice. 

Patient billing services can mean more effective billing with better profits. 

Professional patient billers are well-versed in how specific components of care should be billed. While you may struggle with proper codes for certain facets of treatment and knowing exactly how each component of a patient's visit should be billed, the professional billers handle these tasks on a daily basis. For example, some procedures can be billed to a patient's medical insurance and some procedures will be billed to dental insurance. Improper billing can actually take a big chunk of your profit potential as a practitioner. 

Patient billing services can help you shorten lengthy times to payout. 

Insurance companies have specific time windows when a claim has to be made for payments to a provider. It is not uncommon for dentists to not get their claims in until late in the time window due to lack of time. If claims are filed sooner, it means getting payments for the services rendered in a more timely fashion. When operating your dental practice effectively and efficiently is all about keeping up with your outgoing costs and profits, quicker payments for the services rendered can simplify things quite a bit. 

Patient billing services prevent unnecessary patient concerns. 

Since the bills for your services will be sent to insurance providers and patients faster, you can thwart the unnecessary patient concerns that can come up. For example, if you see a patient in March, but the claim is not submitted to the insurance company until April, the patient may be left waiting to find out how much of the care they received will be covered. Your office can get a lot of calls due to these issues. Therefore, having a third-party patient billing service contracted can mean you have fewer billing-related calls to the office.

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