Utilizing Bail Bonding Services

Using a bail bonding service can be one of the most common ways that individuals will satisfy their bail requirements. Unfortunately, some misconceptions about bail bonding services can lead to individuals having a poor understanding when it comes time to use a bail bonds service.

Myth: Your Bail Bonding Provider Can Help Get The Bail Requirement Lowered

The amount of money that is usually required for bail can be extremely large. Not surprisingly, there are many individuals that will want to get the bail requirement lowered so that they can more easily meet it. While it may be possible to petition for reduced bail, this is not a task that the bail bonding service will provide. Rather, this is a task that will be best left to your attorney to handle. In situations where you may qualify for reduced bail, a hearing will need to be scheduled so your attorney can present the proof that you qualify.

Myth: Paying The Bail Yourself Is Always The Best Choice

Depending on the financial resources that you have available, it may be possible to pay the bail amount out of your own pocket. While you will receive this money back at the conclusion of the proceedings, you will be unable to access it before then. This can make it harder to pay the legal fees that are needed for defense attorneys if the proceedings take longer than you expect or the charges prove to be more costly to defend. By using a bail bonding service, you will only have to pay a small fraction of the total bail that is being required, which can leave the vast majority of your financial resources available for your defense against the criminal charges that you may be facing.

Myth: You Will Have To Wait Until The Next Business Day To Get A Bail Bond

Due to the reality that individuals can find themselves arrested and needing to post bail any day of the week, it should be noted that most bail bonding services will be open every day and many even provide 24-hour service. This can make it possible for a person to obtain one of these bonds regardless of when they are arrested. However,  the jail may take longer to process the bail if it is posted during times when staffing may be low or extremely busy. This can potentially lead to several hours between the bail being posted and the defendant being released.