Been Arrested? 4 Things To Do If You Need A Bail Bond

If you've been arrested, you likely need to get out of jail as quickly as possible. You can't communicate with your attorney effectively while you're behind bars. Not only that, but your job could be in jeopardy if you remain behind bars for too long. In addition to both of those issues, remaining behind bars means that your family will suffer. If you haven't been able to obtain an OR release--own recognizance--a bail bond can help get you out in a timely manner. Unfortunately, bail bonds can be difficult to obtain if you don't have the required cash deposit, which is usually about 10% of the total bail amount. Here are four steps you can take when cash is a problem.

Ask Family and Friends

If you can't come up with the required cash deposit for your bail bond, reach out to your family and friends. You may be able to get them to come together to donate to your bail funds. The more friends and family you have that will donate, the less that they each need to come up with.

Talk to Your Lawyer

If you've reached out to family and friends, but you've still come up short, you need to talk to your attorney. Your attorney may be able to put you in contact with someone who can help you obtain the needed funds, such as a community outreach organization.

Ask About Payment Plans

If your bail was set at a substantial amount, talk to your bail bond company about arranging a payment plan. Some bonding companies will work to set up a convenient payment plan so that you can get out of jail as soon as possible. It's important to remember that you'll need to make those payments on time or you could have your bail bond revoked.

Find Someone to Co-Sign with You

If you've found a bail bond company that will allow you to make payments, you may need to pass a credit check. If you have a blemished credit report, that could be a problem. If your credit is keeping you from obtaining payment arrangements for your bail bond, find a co-signer to work with you. A co-signer can help you make the arrangements you need so that you can get out of jail. Be sure to follow all the bond requirements while you're out of jail though. If you break any laws, or miss court appointments while you're out of jail, your bail bond can be revoked, which means you'll need to go back into police custody.