Six Things That Make Titanium Jewelry Appealing

Titanium is becoming increasingly popular as a metal that's used to make jewelry. This has contributed to some increases in its value and has made it more useful as a metal.

The following are six reasons why titanium is an ideal metal for use in the fabrication of jewelry:

It's tough and durable.

Titanium is a strong metal that will not usually scratch as easily as gold and silver will. In fact, titanium is even stronger than steel.

This factor makes it so that titanium is a great jewelry metal for those who are working in rugged environments where their jewelry will be subject to potential damage. 

Titanium is very comfortable as a jewelry material.

Against the skin, titanium can offer a great deal of comfort. This is especially true when it is used for jewelry pieces that are worn on a daily basis and fit right up close against the skin, like wedding rings. 

Titanium has a masculine feel that makes it particularly ideal for men's jewelry.

Men often prefer titanium to more typical jewelry metals like gold and silver because it is more rugged and has a more masculine appeal. It is also more practical for men who are working at heavy duty jobs where jewelry will take a beating. 

Titanium is more affordable than other metals that are commonly used in jewelry.

While titanium can look just as good as silver, it is less expensive and more affordable. It is also more affordable than gold. Titanium is more widely available than these other two metals that are typically associated with jewelry, and this makes it easy to  locate and purchase. 

Wearing titanium on the body can have a therapeutic effect.

Some research has shown that titanium against the skin can have a therapeutic effect and help with certain conditions involving chronic pain, inflammation, and immune system issues. Titanium is said to be biocompatible with the skin, meaning that it is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. 

Titanium is versatile when it comes to jewelry design and can achieve a wide range of styles.

Titanium jewelry can achieve a variety of styles and appearances. It can be used with different finishes and polishes that allow for diverse looks. Common finishes used with titanium include a traditional, brushed, or satin look.

Titanium's color can also vary to achieve a yellowish, pinkish, reddish, or black tint. Titanium can also be set with diamonds or gemstones.

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